Saturday, 18 March 2017

Have You Ever Painted on a Wall? I have!

Free hand painted wall by Teodora Totorean

When a friend asked me to paint on a wall for his girls’ room, I hesitated quite a lot. I haven't done it before and I had no idea where to start or what sort of paints I can use. I had painted some furniture in my home, but painting on a wall was simply on another level. A more scary level. 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Tuesday Colours Inspiration - Purple, Yellow, Orange and White

My latest post was about potentially developing a new hobby. Well, a few days later, I can confirm it: I love taking close-up photos of flowers and various objects from my studio. As I already have a big album with flowers and colours that inspired me, I thought I could put them to good use and start a Tuesday Colour Inspiration series where I will post a collage around different colour combinations found in nature and then repeated in my studio, in my creations and, why not, in my outfits and accessories. Today’s post features yellow, orange, purple and white, inspired by the daffodils bouquet and the primroses I currently have in my house. More to follow soon. 

Photos by Teodora Totorean

Friday, 10 March 2017

Eden Project - Trying Out My Camera

Eden Project flowers collage by Teodora Totorean

Our last visit to Eden Project had a purpose: trying out my hard-earned-cash-over-the-past-six-years camera. So far, I have been using my husband’s camera (well, ours, really), but since I have been learning to take my own product photos, I wanted to have my own camera, as in no-one-is-allowed-to-touch-it-or-to-give-me-instructions camera. I wanted it to be light enough to carry it around, easy enough to learn how to use it and good enough to take close-up photos of my products as well as other things that inspire me in my walks.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

How to Make Glass Pendants with Images of Your Art

Pendant necklaces with art prints by Teodora Totorean

Pendants are very popular and lots of artists that work with glass, ceramics or other materials make them. If you are a painter, there are a wide range of styles suitable for pendants from abstract and naive to realistic animals and collages. As my art is mainly floral, I think it looks good as jewellery so over the years, I tried a few types of pendants:

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Just a Card

Designers: Rachel Sumner, Handmade by Julie & Jill Leman

Did you know that if you buy just a card from independent galleries and local gift shops you can help them stay open? How many times have you entered such a shop and you were too embarrassed to buy just a card so you left empty handed? Well, I certainly have, but after reading this plea I decided that from now on, every time I visit a gift shop or a gallery I will buy at least a card.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

I Like Big Cakes and I Can Not Lie

After a year of starving eating healthily and sweating-my-curves-off exercising and only losing 1 stone (I was hoping for 1¾), I came to the following conclusion:

This was one of my Facebook posts in the last weeks and neither statement is far from the truth. While I found that I put on weight very easily and I lose it far too slowly (don't get me wrong, I know the math behind it) sometimes I just want to give up and eat those cakes that I tried so hard to forget existed. My craving for cakes is fairly recent as I wasn't a sweets person. I am still not much of a chocoholic, nor icecream-cholic, but I do like cakes. The bigger, the better. The more calories, the yummiest. Coffee cakes, velvet cupcakes, caramel cakes, brownies - you name it, I like it!

Saturday, 11 February 2017

What Else Can You Do with Your Paintings?

Have you ever thought of how can you present your pictures to the general public and reach a wider audience apart from selling your paintings in the usual way? If you just started your artistic career, you know how hard it can be to sell your art. It takes time to establish yourself as a professional artist and the possibility of getting into galleries is almost inexistent when you have nothing to put in your artistic CV. But if this is the path you want to follow then apart from dedication and practice you also need to pay the bills. How about making cards, pendants, bookmarks and other items using your designs and artistic skills? They are easier to sell and perfect for craft fairs and local gift shops.

Artist greeting cards

Artist cards by Teodora Totorean

Saturday, 4 February 2017

'Less Is More' with Ethical Fashion - #5DaysChallenge from People Tree

Day 1 & 2

I discovered ethical fashion a few months ago when I was attracted by the 'relaxed' look of a local shop in Exeter. When I entered, I was even more fascinated not only by the products but also by the stories and the people behind them too. When I bought a bracelet and a notebook and I was told that if I wanted the receipt, they can send it to me via email as they'd prefer not to use paper to print it, I was totally won over. I got home and I started to do more research into what exactly ethical fashion means.